Immigration and Selective Compassion

Obama’s administration and his EU allies are so focused on realizing their ideological aspirations that they are overtly ready to bulldoze everything and everyone in sight: from protestors at home to noncompliant leaders in other countries. Manifestly refusing to take into consideration counterarguments no matter how coherent and valid, they display the symptoms of “immigration fever” as if a deadline was looming. What would the time-limit be: the next elections in their countries?

The pressure is growing -- now the “immigrationists” give themselves the right to allocate an exorbitant number of refugees to other countries, while not even bothering to find out if those nations and their leaders agree. Everyone who dares to mention the economic and social consequences of uncontrolled mass immigration is to be hounded by the “tamed” media and arm-twisted by the PC “enlightened” politicians.

Newly elected Polish president Andrzej Duda has already emphasized the importance of respect in the EU: “European union should be a partnership where we respect each other, take into consideration our interests”. He added that acting according to the principle “nothing about us, without us” is essential. Duda’s logic stands in sharp contrast to dictative tendencies displayed by leaders of EU countries who accord themselves a superior role in decision-making.

The rabid attacks on Hungarian president Victor Orbán, Czech president Milos Zeman, and other “eurosceptics” prove not only that the “leading countries” do not count the opinion of  “additional” EU members but are ready to suppress freedom of speech of heads of states and entire nations.

Orbán said: “Europe’s response is madness. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.” It’s not astonishing that the self-proclaimed “immigrationists” took a swing at President Orbán: they are allergic to the term “responsibility” in more ways than one. It seems irrelevant to them that to “deliver”, presidents of European countries would have to disregard the social, cultural, and economic rights indispensable for the dignity and well-being of their own citizens. Instead of fighting homelessness, joblessness, and the growing poverty contributing to low birth rates, governments should “fix the problem” by opening the floodgates for unchecked immigration and put even greater financial burden on own citizens.

Speaking of “role models”, Obama is giving priority to a foreign humanitarian crisis, “generously” considering raising the limit on refugees accepted in the U.S.A, clearly discriminating against America’s own homeless whose basic human rights have been trampled for years. Voted the most unpopular president in modern French history, François Hollande lectures European leaders on their duties towards refugees, yet somehow forgets about his own obligations: discontent among millions of unemployed, impoverished, and overtaxed citizens is growing. Chancellor Merkel said there was no legal limit to the number of refugees her country can shelter, but limit of freedom of speech for dissidents in Germany is more and more blatant.

Interestingly, just days after bragging about her limitless capacity to shelter refugees, “overwhelmed” Mrs. Merkel is trying to pass the buck to other countries and have them clean up her mess. Merkel is already responsible for creating chaos in Europe and has proved that she can be trusted only with putting foreign interests before domestic, no matter the price people will have to pay.

Unless there is zero percent unemployment, no homelessness, and no poverty in their own countries, leaders who discriminate against their own people and give priority to foreigners betray their nations’ trust and violate their allegiance to their countries. If they put their own citizens in danger and participate in destruction of their own nations, they are committing the crime of giving the aid to the enemies of their country.