If John Boehner can face a no-confidence vote, why can't Mitch McConnell?

It's looking bad for John Boehner, who may be forced out of the speakership due to his cooperation with the Obama agenda.  But what about Mitch McConnell? He has been at least as complicit as Boehner. McConnell has given Obama: 1) 100% of his budget requests. 2) Fully funding Obamacare without any restraints 3) Fully funding Obama's illegal amnesty without any restraints 4) Raised the debt ceilings repeatedly without any restraints 5) Effectively given away the Senate's treaty deciding powers. 6) Refused to set up select committees to investigate the abuse of powers of this administration To be Senate Majority Leader, a Republican needs 51 votes (a Democrat would only need 50, because Lunch Box Joe would break a tie). Currently there are 54 Republicans. That means if a Republican challenged McConnell, only four Republicans would need to vote against him to topple him, assuming no Democrats voted for him. I think it is safe to say that Ted Cruz,...(Read Full Post)