If gay is now normal, why so much bondage, whipping, pony prancing, and canine behavior?

Every year San Francisco has something called the Folsom Street Fair, where gays do some very bizarre things.  They dress like dogs, horses, and ponies, tie themselves up, get spanked, and more.  This isn't a fringe movement – thousands of homosexual (mostly men) do this. If gay is now normal, then why do they do these very strange things?  (This is from the San Francisco Chronicle, as mainstream as one can get in the City by the Bay.) My oldest daughter and I were walking around San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood on a clear autumn day in search of a mattress store called Keetsa back in 2008. I remember turning a corner and almost bumping into an enormous naked man riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. My daughter was five at the time and she was startled. "Mom, why does that guy have a sock on his penis?" she asked. "Um, well, um..." "Why are there rings sticking through his bottom?" Walking further down the...(Read Full Post)