How big a tax cut would you need to vote for Jeb Bush?

I love the way Jeb Bush thinks.  He knows that his views on illegal immigration are unpopular, so he thinks that if he talks conservatively enough about other topics, people will overlook his minor policy differences with mainstream America on illegal aliens and vote for him. Don't laugh.  After all, if he promised to drop marginal rates to zero and to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax (which no other candidate has called for!), wouldn't that be worth the price of legalizing the existing legal aliens?  If the answer is yes, then there is a tax rate at which you would vote for Jeb Bush! So the question becomes, how big a tax cut do you need to vote for Jeb Bush?  When I consider the question, I weigh the many downsides of illegal immigration and assign a point value.  Right now the top marginal tax rate is 39%, or with a extra 4% tax on investments, about 43%, depending on the circumstances (and obviously not...(Read Full Post)