House Republicans stupidly boycott the pope

The National Interest reports that the House Republicans have decided to boycott the pope's speech because it concerns climate change.

It was February of 2015 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress.  To protest his invitation (without White House approval), the Democrats boycotted.  Didn't the Republicans rail about the Democrats' boycott?  It was disrespectful, unseemly, yada, yada, yada. 

So here we are in September, and the Republicans are going to boycott the pope's speech.  This is wrong on so many levels. 

First, it's hypocritical.  How can the Republicans complain when the Democrats boycott a speech and then turn around, in the same year, and do the same thing to another important leader? 

Second, it's insulting.  The pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.  Regardless of what you think about what he says, he is very important to many Catholics.  It is extremely disrespectful and may be insulting to many Catholics that his speech was boycotted.

Third, it demonstrates the Republicans' "closed door."  Here we are, the year before a critical election.  Republicans say they are trying to "expand the base" as much as possible.  And yet, when the opportunity comes to respectfully listen to the leader of a very large and influential group (Catholics), they decline because they "disapprove" of what he's going to say.  Actions speak louder than words.

The Republicans have, yet again, managed to assert failure where there was none.  They should go to the pope's speech, listen respectfully, and then, if they have disagreements, issue a statement outlining those disagreements.

Boycotting the pope's speech is just stupid and lame.  But then, in my opinion, so is the Republican leadership.