Hacker says he will sell Hillary's deleted emails for $500,000

RadarOnline is reporting that a hacker is offering 32,000 oif Hillary Clinton's deleted emails for $500,000. As proof, the hacker is showing subject lines that appear to be legitimate.

“Hillary or someone from her camp erased the outbox containing her emails, but forgot to erase the emails that were in her sent box,” an insider reveals to Radar of the Presidential contender’s latest nightmare.

Radar has learned that some of the topics discussed in the email appear to include everything from Benghazi to the Algerian hostage crisis — with subject lines such as:

“H Libya security latest. Sid” (with attachment)
“H FYI, best analysis so far of hearing Sid,’ about the latest security
in Libya”
“H Algeria latest French Intel on Algeria hostage Sid”
“H Latest French Intel in Algeria hostage Sid” (with attachment)
“H Latest Libya intel internal govt discussions high level” (with
“H HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Comprehensive Intel Report on (with attachment)”

Warns the insider, “If these emails get out to the public domain, not only is Hillary finished as a potential Presidential nominee, she could put our country’s national security at risk.

I am unconvinced. Anyone who reads a newspaper could have come up with those headers. It's also highly unlikely that Clinton would have entrusted the deletion of her emails to an amatuer who wouldn't have known to scrub everything.

This brings to mind that old MASH TV episode where the gang was looking to buy a gift for Col. Potter's anniversary and visited an itinerant junk salesman who tried to sell them Hitler's pencil box. It's probably a hoax - but if it were true, it would be the story of the century.

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