Guilty verdict in Alabama vote fraud case

Democrats who oppose voter ID laws (why is it always Democrats? Hmmm…) solemnly tell us there is no big problem with vote fraud in the United States. The how do they explain this, by Matt Elofson of the Dothan (Alabama) Eagle:

A Houston County jury found Olivia Reynolds guilty Wednesday afternoon for her role in a voter fraud case.

Assistant District Attorney Banks Smith said the jury found 66-year-old Olivia Reynolds guilty of 24 felony counts of absentee ballot fraud. Smith said the jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning with the guilty verdicts.

Houston County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Reynolds in May 2014. She was one of three women charged who worked on the 2013 campaign for District 2 City Commissioner Amos Newsome.

In the August election, Newsome beat challenger Lamesa Danzey by 14 votes. Newsome received 119 of the 124 absentee votes that were cast. Danzey received more votes than Newsome at the polls.

Reynolds is the third suspect in the election fraud investigation to go to trial.

Smith argued to jurors during his closing Wednesday morning that investigators with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office found evidence of widespread voter fraud during the District 2 race for the City of Dothan election in the summer of 2013.

Smith said some of the voters testified at trial how they never wanted to vote for Newsome yet their ballot was cast for Newsome anyway.

“This case is about the sanctity of the ballot,” Smith said.

Twenty-four felony counts sounds like a long prison sentence to me. It’s a start, and let’s hope it serves as a lesson to those who subvert democratic elections.  

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman