Get ready to say hello to your new neighbors from Syria

The war in Syria is generating millions of refugees, who are genuinely to pitied. But as a result of this internecine strife in the Islamic world, Western countries are expected to accept major inflows of un-vetted immigrants, even as Islamic fundamentalists openly proclaim their intention to transform us into Islamic states via infiltration.

There is almost no way to prevent the entry into the United States of dedicated terrorists from ISIS and other Islamic fundamentalist factions if mass numbers of refugees are admitted. President Obama is determined to add more Muslims to our population and will use humanitarian impulses as opportunities arise (and given the track record of Islamic violence, those opportunities are legion).

The Center for Security Policy is sponsoring an online petition demanding local consent for any refugee resettlement. The city of Minneapolis, where I grew up, has been transformed by the mass importation of Somali Muslim refugees, something that was engineered by the State Department to take advantage of generous welfare and social service options available at the expense of native taxpayers. Among other consequences, it has made Minnesota the most prominent  home of Americans joining ISIS.

The petition reads:

Governors/State legislators, we urge you to expeditiously attach a proviso such as the following to your state budget:

No state funds shall be expended to assist in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program unless the community targeted for resettlement approves.

DO YOUR JOB! Allow City and County Councils to decide if their budgets can support refugee resettlement and if their people want it!

You can sign it here.


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