Debbie Wasserman Schultz heckled by Dem crowd over limiting number of debates

Democrat opposition to their deeply flawed “inevitable” nominee Hillary Clinton is boiling over, and cannot be ignored any more.  Liz Kreutz of ABC News writes:

The chair of the Democrats [sic] National Committee got heckled today during her remarks at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention by protesters calling for more than six debates in the primary.

The chants began as Debbie Wasserman Schultz told the crowd she was looking forward to the December debate in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"We want debates! More debates!" party members yelled out, drowning out her remarks.

Many protesters -- many of whom were Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley supporters -- simultaneously held up bright orange signs that read, "More debates = More votes for DEMOCRATS."

The protest comes one week after Wasserman Schultz told reporters she's standing by the current debate schedule despite louder calls by one candidate in particular, Martin O'Malley, to expand a debate schedule he says was essentially designed to protect Hillary Clinton from more exposure to her rivals.

Hillary Clinton is such an inept candidate with so many topics that cannot bear scrutiny that she desperately wants to limit the number of Democrat presidential debates to six.  And her obedient servant, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is desperate to keep the lid on, despite the growing demand of partisans of Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to hash out the many areas of disagreement. Waiting in the wings is the Party’s Hamlet, Joe Biden. Hillary realizes that the danger is that the debates could turn into a pile-on effort to probe her reasons for setting up her private email server, her ties to Big Money donors to the Clinton Foundation, and the many other questions she must dodge.

The Democrat base is as angry at their party as Republicans are at the GOP. They will not hesitate to noisily demand Hillary shed her cocoon and face more debates. This is going to get more and more interesting.

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