Clinton Global Initiative loses sponsors and prestige speakers

The Clinton brand is becoming toxic. The family and its purportedly “non-profit” entities have been so seriously damaged that major corporate sponsors and high ranking speakers are deserting the Clinton Global Initiative. David Mastio of USA Today has the story:

USA TODAY has confirmed that sponsors from 2014 that have backed out for this year include electronics company Samsung, oil giant ExxonMobil, global financial firms Deutsche Bank and HSBC, and accounting firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)Hewlett-Packard, which just announced major layoffs, will be an in-kind donor instead of a cash contributor, and the agri-chem firm Monsanto has cut back its donation. Dow's name is missing from the donor list as well, but the chemical company's exit is not confirmed.

High-profile corporations might not be the only key supporters backing away from association with the Clinton family's charitable arm. In 2014, eight national leaders, kings, presidents and prime ministers, appeared on the program for CGI's annual meeting, including the president of the United States and the prime minister of Japan. This year, only leaders from Colombia and Liberia are currently on the program.

The Obama administration is backing away as well. In 2014, the cabinet officials heading the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Commerce, as well as key White House adviser Valerie Jarrett spoke at the conference. This year no Obama administration appointees as prominent are on the program.

This could be the beginning of the end. Of course, the empire is striking back:

In emails, Craig Minassian, chief communications officer of CGI, said that more speakers and sponsors are yet to be announced. The event will be attended by nearly two dozen heads of state. "Revenue is actually slightly better than last year ... so there isn’t a decline in support," he wrote.

It does take a long time for these withdrawals to work their way through the system. Pledges are made, schedules are set long in advance. The Hillary email scandal has only been working its way toward its eventual end for several months. But the faithful supporters are also stepping up:

According to the foundation website, Microsoft has increased its donation to the event and well-known retailer GAP, Inc. has joined the roster, but other names signing on are unknown to most Americans: Consolidated Contractor Company, a Middle East construction firm; Delos, a real estate company; and Cheniere, a natural gas pipeline and terminal company.

As in years past, a number of widely known corporate brands are sticking with sponsorship of the Clinton event. Barclays, CocaCola, P&G, Cisco, Goldman Sachs and Western Union remain sponsors, as they were in 2014. Senior executives from other companies, including Sodexo and Unilever, will appear on stage. And non-profit support for the event has not dropped off.

Just wait. Let these companies start hearing about consumer protest over their support of Clinton “charities” and they may change their minds. And a lot depends on how the FBI investigation plays out.

Any way you slice it, this is terrible news for the Hillary campaign.

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