Carly Fiorina: Jeb-lite?

When Carly Fiorina rips into Hillary Clinton, low information Republican primary voters clap like trained seals. The reality is, however, that Carly Fiorina is mostly a moderate Republican. The good people at have compiled a rather disturbing dossier of her political views.

Immigration: Carly supports keeping birthright citizenships and allowing anchor babies, calling attempts to change the law a mere "distraction". She supports amnesty for so-called "Dreamers", and supported Marco Rubio's gang of 8 amnesty bill. (By the way, wasn't Marco's prepared speeches great in the debate? If you think so, please don't vote for him.) Carly refuses to say whether she supports a broad amnesty program. She opposes deporting illegals. These positions only put her a smidgeon to the right of Jeb Bush, who openly supports amnesty for illegals; they hardly make her a raging lion of conservatism.

Economy: Carly supported the expensive cap-and-trade program promoted by John McCain. She said very recently she still believed in imaginary global warming.  She has spoken out against efforts to defund Obamacare.  She supported the wall street bailouts and has said she wants more government intervention in the housing market.

Security: "A mere two weeks after the terrorist attack of 9/11, Fiorina gave a speech praising the early Islamic Caliphate as one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Radical Islamist social media has taken to using this speech as a recruitment tool. " As a 9/11 survivor, I find her speech, especially the timing of it, extremely offensive.

While she was in charge at HP, her company circumvented sanctions to do business with Iran.

Judiciary: Carly would have voted to confirm ulta-leftist Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. She also said that county clerks who have objections to the gay marriage diktat should comply or resign, rather than fight the law through civil disobedience.

There are some good things about Carly, to be sure. She is very vocal against Planned Parenthood's sale of human body parts. She opposes the nuclear deal with Iran. She wants Obamacare mostly repealed, as long as it can be done without prompting a government shutdown.

But I think, rhetoric aside, she is clearly a moderate Republican. How does that make her different from Trump? Well, both have been quite liberal in their pasts. But at least on the key issue of immigration, Trump is the most conservative candidate. On immigration, Carly is almost the most liberal candidate, and on most other issues, she's somewhat liberal too.

I think the GOP establishment may be using her as a backup for Bush. Now that Bush has faltered, and Kasich hasn't caught fire quickly enough, they are still looking for their Trump-killer, and Carly, who is Ronald Reagan on the outside but Nancy Pelosi on the inside, seems to fit the bill.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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