Ben Carson's right

Ben Carson isn't a bigot – he is absolutely right.  A Muslim should not be president of the United States.  If Islam were merely a religion, then Dr. Carson would indeed be misguided, but Islam is so much more.  Islam is everything to the Muslim.

Islam is a way of life – a political and judicial system all its own, encompassing every aspect of the Muslim's life.  It orders his activities based on the strictures of Islamic law – modeled on the actions and beliefs of the perfect man of Islam, Mohammed, not some corrupt social construct of the kafir (infidels).

Of course, in America, that "corrupt social construct" is the Constitution, and we recognize it as the supreme law of the land.  However, a Muslim cannot do so without rebelling against his/her own faith.  Islam is indeed wholly incompatible with the governance of a constitutional republic.

This reality will not stop the left from losing their collective (and collectivist!) minds over the whole subject.  We know that truth will never deter a liberal from pushing an agenda, despite overwhelming evidence that their agenda is a catastrophe looking for a suitable disaster area. 

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the self-described Muslim civil rights advocacy group, has already weighed in, calling for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race.  In doing so, they may have become a bit too clever, as their status as a 501(c)(3) is now in jeopardy, what with their becoming involved "either for or against any candidate for public office."

Will the Obama politicized IRS pursue the revocation of CAIR's non-profit status?  I have a greater chance of being appointed ambassador to the Milky Way galaxy than America has of seeing anything resembling justice coming from this "Justice" Department.

Whether you believe that Dr. Carson is a good choice as leader of the free world or not, we all owe him a debt of gratitude for mentioning the unmentionable: Islam is the problem, and because of the teachings of Islam, its adherents cannot be entrusted with the responsibilities of high office.

You see, delusion is a mental defect that compels those who suffer from it to ignore reality in favor of fantasy.  Political correctness is an advanced form of delusion that compels those who suffer from it to force everyone else to adopt the same fantasies...or else.

Dr. Carson has broached the subject in an honest manner and will soon become a test case for America's tolerance for truth – a reagent if you will, to test our society for the depth of our delusions.

I wonder if we can pass the test.

The author is the communications director for the Global Faith Institute.

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