Ask Hillary about a Muslim president, and more

Let us flip the tables.  Let us be fair.  Hillary should get the same "gotcha" questions that the GOP candidate get, like the Ben Carson question.

Tell us, Hillary: now that you have probably prepped an answer (dodge) already, could you endorse a Muslim to be president?

Alas, this will never transpire.  There will be no time for questions.  Nor will there be no time for debate.  Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley will be answers to a trivia question in about 12 months.

Hillary, did you see the Planned Parenthood videos?  Oh, just parts of some?  What would interrupt you?  A donation to the Clinton Foundation from a country you recently visited?

Could a Muslim be a practicing Muslim and still be the president of the United States?  What of his position on women's rights and sharia law?  Would there be a prayer rug in the Oval Office?  Would we see the first lady's face, and would she dine with help or at the head table?

It seems the left is afraid of those who cling to their Bibles and guns but welcome those who cling to their Korans.  Bible-thumpers bad, Koran-thumpers...hands off.

So, Hillary, how many Syrian refugees is the United States supposed to absorb?

What is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?

Have you ever done a political favor for Donald Trump?

Were you in charge of the Russian "reset," and how is it going?

What would you do about the Chinese cyber attacks, pirating of commercial property, and military buildup?

Would you order military action that does not involve the direct defense of the nation without consulting Congress?

Have you ever, while secretary of state, solicited contributions for your Clinton Foundation, or promoted or arranged speaking engagements for your husband from countries that receive foreign aid from the United States?

What was Huma Abedin's position at the State Department, and how many salaries did she collect?

Do you see any similarities between the current Iran nuclear deal and your husband's negotiations with the former non-nuclear North Korea?

Now let us be fair.

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