Another officer shot in Las Vegas 'ambush'

Editor Lifson has it about right: "Can we call it an epidemic now"?

Another police officer has been shot in what Las Vegas authorities are calling an "ambush. A patrol car with two officers was sitting at a traffic light when the suspect started firing into the cab, hitting one officer in the hand. This is the fourth incident in 2 weeks involving the shooting of a police officer where the motive could have been a desire to take out a policeman.

Fox 13

While the officers were stopped at the traffic signal, a male on foot opened fire on the patrol vehicle.

“This assailant was carrying a semi-automatic handgun and fired multiple rounds at our officers as they were sitting in their vehicle,” Sgt. Sheahan stated in the video. “One of our officers was struck in the hand at that time.”

Both officers left the vehicle to pursue the suspect, who fled on foot. The man was captured a short distance later without incident in a 7-Eleven parking lot. Police recovered the firearm used in the shooting.

“Our officers did all this without firing a shot,” Sheahan stated.

So far authorities have not identified any of the parties involved in the incident.

The officer who was shot in the hand was taken to a hospital with injuries described as not being life-threatening. No other injuries were reported.

The two officers were responding to a call about a disturbance at a business on the 4900 Block of Tropicana Boulevard when the incident occurred, and Sheahan stated the shooting occurred in the same area as the call they were responding to. It was not clear if the two incidents are related in some way other than chance.

The suspect's race has not been released, nor even his name, so assigning blame for another ambush of a police officer is difficult. But does it really matter? White or black, the hateful, eliminationist rhetoric directed against police could motivate anyone of any race to take a shot at the "pigs." This is the consequence of suggesting that the death of a police officer would be a positive good or, some kind of rough "justice." 

Our president, and most of the "leadership" of the black community maintain their silence about this epidemic of violence against the police. It's a virus that's spreading with no end in sight.