A tougher media would have made Obama a better president

The Iran nuclear deal is just the latest amateurish demonstration from the Obama administration.  In other words, are there any adults at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Is there anyone who can tell the president that he screwed up?

In the meantime, support for the Iran nuclear deal is dropping fast.  This is because President Obama never respected Americans with an honest explanation of what he was negotiating.  According to Pew:

In July, when the campaign of persuasion had just begun, 33 percent supported the deal, with 45 percent opposed and another 22 percent undecided. Today, approval of the deal has plummeted to just 21 percent. Forty-nine percent say they oppose it outright, a small uptick from before, but the main development is that the ranks of the undecided have grown. The trend against the deal includes voters of every partisan identification. Only 42 percent of Democrats support it now, along with 20 percent of independents and only 6 percent of Republicans.

The bottom line is that Obama and his Democratic supporters in this matter — including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — own this deal. Before its terms were even known, they were already preparing to wield what partisan power they had in order to wiggle it through without the support of Congress or the public. They thus own all of the negative consequences it brings.

He assumed that everyone was going to love the deal because he loved it.  It didn't occur to him that there are millions of us who are not going to trust Iran unless we see specific and clear conditions regarding inspections.

The deal will pass, but President Obama will look weak again.  Won't the world see that the deal was approved by a minority of legislators?

We are now learning that there are side agreements to the deal.  What's wrong with that?  First, Congress was never told about them or given an opportunity to see them.  Second, President Obama was required by the agreement with Congress to present everything.

Again, how does this happen?  It happens because this administration has always been treated with kid gloves by the media.  They always knew that there'd be a bunch of reporters putting up with their spelling mistakes, dotting their is and crossing their ts.  No accountability at all!

From "Fast & Furious" to the IRS targeting conservatives to the Obamacare website disaster to the Iran nuclear deal, the media has never forced this administration to come clean.  President Obama hides behind 20-minute answers at press conferences that evade the question altogether or goes on entertainment programs to talk about himself.

It won't happen right away.  However, some honest journalist will someday sit back and write about the Obama years.  He will conclude that the media in the tank made him sloppy.  The net result will be a failed president remembered solely for being the first black man in the office.

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