You stay classy, you canceled MSNBC hosts

In the wake of the decision by MSNBC to drop three of its most incendiary liberal programs, former hosts Ed Schultz of The Ed Show and Alex Wagner of Now with Alex Wagner exited with about as much class as you'd expect.

Schultz apparently threw a tantrum and refused to appear on his last show.  In his place, Michael Eric Dyson gave what Mediaite calls an "understated" farewell.

First and perhaps most importantly, Ed Schultz wasn’t even present to give his final MSNBC farewell — due to “pre-existing scheduling conflicts,” MSNBC told us.

Instead Michael Eric Dyson guest-hosted the full hour and saved the goodbyes for a question to progressive journalist John Nichols: “What has The Ed Show meant for middle-class Americans over the past six years?”

“If this show wasn’t around, I think some fundamental issues — like trade policy — wouldn’t have been explored,” Nichols replied. At its nadir, The Ed Show only had 25k demo viewers watching.

By contrast, American Thinker gets nearly four times as many readers as Ed got viewers.

But Alex Wagner made a memorable exit, using the word "s***" to sign off with:

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, in closing the final edition of her canceled liberal commentary program Now With Alex Wagner, said “Woo! S***,” as the camera faded to black one last time.

It is unknown at this time why she did this.

Wagner finished the broadcast by thanking the behind-the-scenes crew of the show, inviting them on-set with her.

”For one last time, that is all for now,” she said, amidst applause. “The Ed Show is up next. We did it! Oh my God, that was massive. Woo! S***.”

The network claims that its daytime programming will now be devoted to "straight news" and breaking stories, which sounds about as exciting as watching water boil.  And I can't wait to see what MSNBC's idea of "straight" reporting is. 

The hosts may change, but the slant remains the same.  Here are a couple of lowlights from both Schultz's and Wagner's shows.



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