Will Hillary Clinton get a question about Jefferson and Fulbright?

The Democrats are removing a little history from their walls, as Seth Lipsky writes:

No sooner was the flag of Dixie taken down, though, than calls started erupting for the Democratic Party to renounce Jefferson.

The author of the Declaration of Independence has become an embarrassment to the Democrats.

Frankly, it is stupid to remove Jefferson because he owned slaves.  It is the kind of PC madness that many of us are furious about.  Jefferson must be seen as the total man, from writing of the Declaration of Independence to his work as the third president.  He is a giant of history!

So here is a question for Mrs Clinton: will portraits of Jefferson and Washington be removed from the floor of the 2016 Democrat Convention?

When will anyone in the media ask Hillary Clinton about what is happening in the Democratic Party?  What about President Wilson?  Or Senator Fulbright of Arkansas?  Or the late Senator Byrd of West Virginia?

In 1995, President Clinton eulogized Senator Fulbright, saying that he made the world a better place.  Does she agree with that?  After all, Senator Fulbright voted against civil rights legislation, in 1957 and 1964.

Frankly, I'd like to know what Mrs Clinton thinks.  Also Mr Sanders.  And VP Biden if he decides to run.

Let's ask these candidates directly about the campaign to delete names from U.S. History.

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