Will Bernie Sanders's new black face keep #Blacklivesmatter thugs away?

When blacks rioted in Baltimore and Oakland, some businesses wrote "black owned" on their windows in the hopes they would not get torched.

Of course, it didn't help.

This same failed strategy is what Bernie Sanders is trying.  And they say socialists never learn from history!

After having two of his campaign appearances disrupted by #blacklivesmatter thugs, Bernie has hired a black radical named Symone Sanders to be his spokeswoman.

Symone Sanders is a young, black, criminal justice advocate and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She’s also a progressive political activist right out of the Sanders mold: Her last job was at Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen. The hiring of Symone Sanders is another part of that shift away from the listening phase to actively promoting Sanders as the candidate of Black Lives Matter.

The problem is, no matter how black Bernie's spokesman is, he will still be white.  I think if he wants to connect to black people, he can't do it hiding behind a black woman.

My advice to Bernie would be to talk about his personal life and positions:

1) Talk about how he grew up in very racially diverse Brooklyn, New York, and then, the first chance he got, fled to Vermont, just about the whitest state in America, with virtually no blacks.

2) Talk about his rising political career, how he rose to be mayor of Burlington, Vermont, which is 89% white and nearly 4% black, and how his connection with those four percent helped shape his attitudes.

3) Talk about his move to the Senate, representing a state that is 94% white and 1% black, and how satisfied the 1% are with his representation, on those rare times he is able to find them.

4) Talk how he supports amnesty for illegal aliens, and how that will not take jobs away from blacks

5) Talk of his great love for abortion, the disproportionate number of black people it serves, and the eugenic anti-black origins of the American abortion movement.

What do you think?  Do you think Bernie's new "black scarecrow" will keep the #Blacklivesmatter monsters at bay?  Or could he fight back using #Blackliesmatter?  Or do you think helping these thugs connect to his deeply felt whiteness will soothe their racist tempers?

This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.