Why Scott Walker has dropped to third in Iowa

In a new CNN Iowa poll Scott Walker has dropped into third place.  This is devastating to his campaign, given that (1) he was leading there; (2) his state borders Iowa, so he is presumed to have a near-home-state advantage; and (3) the social conservatives of Iowa were supposed to be his ideal demographic.  And if he can't win in Iowa, where can he win?

The reason why he lost first place is because of Donald Trump.  In a way that's understandable, given Trump's surge in the polls.  But what is not easily understandable is how Ben Carson, a candidate with nearly no resources or funding, has taken the number-two spot from Walker.  That shows a much more serious problem in the Walker campaign.

Walker is now supported by only 9% in Iowa, while Trump has 22% and Carson has 14%.

Trump is viewed as best for the economy, while Walker is stuck among the rest of the pack.  Why hasn't Walker come out talking about cutting taxes or what programs he will cut?

On immigration, Walker doesn't even make the top five, perhaps out of recognition that until this year, he was pro-amnesty.  On terrorism, Walker is virtually tied for fifth place, perhaps because illegal immigration and terrorism go hand and hand.  On "Most likely to change Washington," Walker is tied for fifth place.  Has Walker ever criticized the liberal Republicans running the Congress?

On abortion, Walker doesn't even make the top five.  He does come in third for "best chance to win an election," but even that is not stellar.  He needs to be first.

Now, in the comments section, I know many will say that this is only one poll, and it's true.  But it's an indicator, and it's got to worry the Walker campaign.  I don't think he made much of an impression in the first debate.  He's too cautious and has to be more outspoken.  If he can't beat a principled but underfunded candidate like Ben Carson, what does that say about his campaign...and the candidate?

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