When government agencies screw up, lip service is all citizens get

The EPA, now forever synonymous with the putrid, toxic heavy-metal orange sludge mixture of arsenic, mercury and lead (among others) now flooding into the Animas (meaning: “soul” or “life”) River has reached a new low: its Orwellian bureaucratic incompetence now causes rather than prevents environmental disasters.  Of the pollution plume that is rapidly spreading across four states --  Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah—their spokesperson, Gina McCarthy, is “deeply sorry” for her agency’s 3 million gallon wastewater spill emanating from Colorado's abandoned Gold King Mine at a projected rate of 500 to 700 gallons per minute.  One easy fix: economically suffering vendors that rent canoes and kayaks to brave, future water-fairing tourists need to be proactive by stocking hazmat suits. Congress is already blustering about oversight hearings, but nothing will come of it: a...(Read Full Post)