'What are you, some kind of constitutionalist crazy guy?'

“What are you, some kind of constitutionalist crazy guy?”

Have you seen this video?


I hate to say it, but even for those of us who generally support the police this video is enough to make one wonder if the cops really are as out of control as they are currently being portrayed in the Leftist media.

Granted, there is more to this story than is revealed in the video; the citizen and homeowner doing the taping (identified as Don McComas of Rohnert Park, CA), although he claims to not be "anti-police," evidently has some "attitude" toward his local police department.

But the video is still disturbing, and more disturbing than the cop drawing his gun without any apparent provocation is the cop's question, "What are you, some kind of constitutionalist crazy guy?"

I've found two sites where you can watch the same video. On guns.com, many of the commenters are, like me, outraged over the cop's "constitutionalist" question and attitude as well as by his gun being drawn.

On the Daily Kos site, as might be expected, the "constitutionalist" angle is roundly and soundly ignored!

The casting of “constitutionalists” as “extremists” reminds me of a Missouri Highway Patrol memo made public a couple of years ago in which troopers were cautioned that anyone displaying a Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) flag (or other “extremist” stickers) might be a potential right-wing terrorist. I mentioned this in my AT piece back in February of 2014, “When the Government Targets Constitutionalists.”

Author’s note: Stu Tarlowe has written over 100 pieces for American Thinker. He flies Old Glory in front of his house and has been known to carry [Gasp!] a copy of the U.S. Constitution on his person.

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