Trump's website

A friend who prefers to remain anonymous – no fan of Trump – writes:

Checked out T’s website (decided to demote him as I have O, by using only the first letter of his name). As you might imagine, there’s nothing, zero, zip, nada about his views on important issues. Though, also as you might imagine, there’s a lot about T.

So I called the campaign just because I could. I said I was curious about T’s views on various issues. This is how the conversation went with the young man who answered the phone:

Me:  Hi. I’m calling to find out how I can learn more about Donald Trump’s views on important issues facing the nation. I went to the website, but couldn’t find a drop down menu, but maybe I’m missing something. How can I read about his ideas on various issues of the day.

Trumpeter:  Issues? What do you mean?

Me:  Important issues of the day, whether domestic or foreign policy!

Trumpeter: (silence) Um…

Me:  You know, most candidates have a place on their web site with broad categories where they offer statements that outline their positions, such as on national security, immigration, education, taxes, etc.

Trumpeter:  Well, you can email us.

Me:  You mean you send individual emails to people that outline Mr. Trump’s views and solutions on important issues?

Trumpeter:  Well, we’re open to suggestions from people.

Me:  But I’m not running for president! Mr. Trump is! And I want to learn about his ideas on the enormous challenges this country is facing on numerous fronts.

Trumpeter:  (silence) Um…

Me:  This is just pathetic. You do know that, right? (click)

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