Trump on Clinton: Anthony Weiner one step away from our national security secrets

In an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show back on August 3, Donald Trump had one of his own unique insights into the dangers that Hillary put us all in with her private email server, which was also used by her right-hand woman, Huma Abedin.  Hugh Hewitt: Those governments (such as Russia) knew everything that was on Hillary’s server. Donald Trump: And you know who also knew? Huma Abedin. And you know who her husband is? One of the sleaziest guys in the world, Anthony Weiner. Now, you don’t think she told him about all of these e-mails that she had Huma was the one who had a process. She had everything and of all people she is married to Anthony Weiner and he now works for a PR firm. So think of this — he’s a PR guy working for a PR firm, he’s a total sleaze and she is giving all this information and this is top secret stuff but she is the one that processed it. HH: There are concerns about Huma and by Andrew McCarthy...(Read Full Post)