Trump and Limbaugh: Cut from same cloth

During his radio show on Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh went to great lengths to explain why he thought Donald Trump became so popular so quickly.

Rush said that Donald Trump is a phenomenon – not a politician.  He said that Trump supporters view him as being a “voice” for them because Trump is actually saying what people believe to be true.  Rush also said that the last ten minutes of Trump’s “Univision” news conference, where he genuinely thanked all of his supporters, is something that will solidify their support for him like nothing else can.

But there was one thing Rush didn’t say about Donald Trump’s appeal to so many people.  Rush overlooked the fact that the appealing characteristics exhibited by Trump are the exact same appealing characteristics that he exhibits.

As with Donald Trump, many people, especially liberals and the drive-by media, can’t understand what attracts millions of people to follow and support Rush Limbaugh.  But Rush surely knows why millions of people follow him, and exactly why his continues to be the most listened to radio talk show on the planet.

Commenting to a caller about Trump’s popularity in the second hour of his show, Rush said, “He [Trump]’s comfortable in his own skin.  He speaks off the cuff.  He speaks what’s on his mind.”

But the most interesting and telling comment Rush made about Trump’s popularity was when he summed up his comments to the caller by saying, “I know exactly what’s going on here.”

But Rush didn’t tell us what was “going on here” because after he said that he immediately said, “I’m not going to go there.”


Maybe Rush is just too humble to equate himself with a presidential front-runner who is wiping up the floor with the entire field of Republican presidential candidates.  Or maybe, for whatever reason, Rush doesn’t want to equate or associate to himself too closely with Trump.  In any case, the facts seem to bear out the obvious: that Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh are cut from the same cloth – and Rush knows it but won’t admit it.

And maybe, just maybe, Rush is enjoying running for president vicariously through Donald Trump – beating out over a dozen seasoned politicians, while confounding liberals and the drive-by media along the way?

Now that’s more Rush’s style.