The possibility of treason

Since the U.S. Congress has abdicated its duty to declare war when the country is actually at war, it may be technically impossible to convict someone of treason, even if he actively "aids and abets" our enemies.  But murder is still murder, even if the courts, in their wisdom, decide there is no such thing. 

Historically, treason is not unusual.  Benedict Arnold committed treason in the Revolutionary War.  Lincoln's assassin committed treason in the Civil War.  Tokyo Rose committed treason in World War II.  The Rosenbergs were convicted of treason for smuggling nuclear bomb secrets to Stalin's Soviet Union.

After the Civil War, the Democrats were called "the party of rum, Romanism, and rebellion."  "Rebellion" referred to the Democrats' collusion with the secessionist South and, in the aftermath, their ongoing aid to murderous rebels like the KKK.

Charles Krauthammer just wrote a column in the Washington Post asking the question, "Who is helping Iran's hardliners?"

Krauthammer raised that question after Obama effectively accused Republicans of treason – defined as opposing Obama's "arrangement" with the deceptive mullahs, including two secret side agreements that have never been revealed to the U.S. Senate.  Obama is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, and nobody dares to say it.

Krauthammer's headline hints that Obama is in bed with the worst hardliners in the Iran regime.  Millions of Americans – those who actually pay attention to politics – have quietly come to the same conclusion.  The abandonment of our personnel during the Benghazi fiasco on 9/11/12 seems to reveal collusion with al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.  Al-Qaeda killed more than 3,000 civilians in assaulting the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11/01.  The Iranians have killed American troops and civilians since 1979.

No nation can survive without defending itself against such assaults.

Public evidence now shows that Obama has actively aided and abetted America's sworn enemies – the mullahs, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda.  We may also be colluding with ISIS, because we are allied with their biggest supporters: Turkey, Qatar, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

No American wants to believe this.  But it is true.  It has been publicly said by first-rate military and foreign policy experts, including Admiral James ("Ace") Lyons (USN, ret.) and Clare Lopez (former CIA analyst, and one of the most heroic truth-tellers in this perverted age).

Obama is rigidly stuck in anti-American ideologies, both the Marxist and Islamist kind.  Marxists don't recognize the legitimacy of electoral governments and the nation-state.  They are internationalists, wedded to a fantasy of benevolent world government that would solve all conflicts by centralized dictatorship.  The fact that Marxist regimes led to endless mass murders in the last hundred years never seems to change their minds.  They are totalitarians.

Radical Muslims also aim for a world government in the name of Allah – empowering Muslim priests from the Wahhabis of Arabia to the mullahs of Iran.  More than a thousand years of war between Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims has not made a dent in the mass delusion of peace on Earth under the rule of Allah's priests.

Marxism and jihadism see national treason as a positive good.  Their fanatical followers do not believe in electoral democracy or nationhood, so the concept of "treason" has no meaning.  If you doubt that, ask your leftist friends if there is such a thing as "treason."

But just as murder would be murder even if we called it something else, the same is true for attacks, sabotage, propaganda war, and mass deception aimed against a nation's very existence.

Obama has internalized left-Islamist values.  So has Valerie Jarrett, and plausibly Hillary Clinton, along with her "personal aide" Huma Abedin.

When Obama was asked how the United States (in the guise of NATO) could bomb Libya and destroy its fragile government without congressional "use of force" authority, he just laughed.

And yet, no country can survive if it can be attacked and undermined with impunity.

A thousand termites are gnawing away at our ship of state, and our political class has forbidden Terminex.  You know where that story ends.

And there we are today.