Signals Intelligence: A lesson for Hillary

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, the Providence Journal recounts a remarkable local story about premier WWII Signal Intelligence capability.  The FCC and the Pentagon carried out a radio-transmission eavesdropping effort that produced vast troves of valuable information on enemy activities.  

This effort took advantage of quite unexpected global radio-transmission effects that were discovered quite serendipitously.  These radio effects occur due to favorable atmospheric and geographic characteristics uniquely present on Chopmist Hill in the little town of Scituate, Rhode Island, adjoining the Atlantic coast.  This discovery was quickly developed to afford the capability to eavesdrop on, for example, German general Irwin Rommel’s radio communications to his Afrika Korp tank commanders.  Betraying critical tactical information unbeknownst to the Germans, these eavesdrops quickly informed Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery as he formulated and organized the British 8th Army's battlefield response to Rommel – an intelligence advantage that was critical to Allied victory in North Africa.

To prolong the ability to gather such valuable information undetected, the U.S. military, of course, made certain that the knowledge of this capability was kept top-secret.  Otherwise, if General Rommel gained any inkling that the assumed security of his communications had been compromised, he would doubtless have taken countermeasures to stop the leak and better secure his communications channels.  This represents a good example of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT): knowledge of the eavesdrop signal channel itself must be kept top secret so that it will remain open.  Ordinary American civilians during WWII were charged with the responsibility and duty to cultivate this key signal intelligence on behalf of our allied soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.  The security awareness, integrity, and vigilance of these Americans in WWII should be acknowledged and honored.  

Instead, it has been dishonored and betrayed by the conduct of Madame Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton.  Her cavalier attitude (at best) toward preserving the secrecy of critical modern SIGINT contained in her emails is not an example to be set by a competent commander in chief.  Americans may not know who exactly plays the role of General Rommel in today’s shadowy war by global terror.  But Americans understand the importance of SIGINT.  U.S. taxpayers have invested untold billions of dollars into the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY – the modern equivalent of Chopmist Hill.  This investment in SIGINT has been betrayed and compromised by Hillary Clinton’s careless conduct – conferring advantage to the enemy.  In response to the continued revelations, including now an FBI investigation, Americans are coming to understand the true nature of the email scandal, are tending to conclude that her conduct was not at all presidential, and, accordingly, are beginning to dismiss both her preposterous excuses and her candidacy.