Scott Walker still evasive on border security and immigration

Scott Walker was interviewed by Breitbart about border security and illegal immigration.  Here's what he said:

BREITBART NEWS NETWORK (BNN): What would you do about building a wall on the southern border to stop the inflow of illegal aliens

SCOTT WALKER (SW): We absolutely have to secure our southern border through better infrastructure, personnel, and technology. I’ve visited the border and learned from border state governors how crime, gangs, and international criminal organizations have overwhelmed our border communities. It’s clear we must secure the border first and foremost.

Read carefully.  Walker didn't answer the question about building a wall.  One of the scams the government employs is to talk about an "electronic border" where a camera or a drone substitutes for a fence or wall.  We need a fence or wall, not "infrastructure and technology," whatever that means.

BNN: What limits on legal immigration would you support while millions of Americans are unemployed? 

SW: Right now, we have arbitrary limits on immigration. We are a nation of immigrants and should make our legal immigration policy based on what’s best for American working families and their wages in a way that will improve the economy. We should take our current economic situation into account when making these decisions. Who can be against that? American workers and their families will always be my priority. 

Once again, the question was not answered.  Walker gave clearer answers to other questions, stating that he defunded Planned Parenthood and supported doing that nationally.  But for some reason, he refuses to answer simple questions about building a fence or reducing immigration.

Given his past back-and-forth record on immigration, you would think he would be more forthright.  Unfortunately, his latest answers raise troubling questions about his commitment to secure the border.  Walker says he wants the border secure; why then will he not support building a physical barrier?

It makes me think that his 2002-2014 position on illegal immigrations represents his real view, not his 2015 positions.  Given his past record and still current equivocations, how can we really believe that he will secure the border and reduce excessive immigration?

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