Rand Paul unlikely to be nominated, according to Rand Paul

In order for a candidate to attract supporters, he needs at least one of two things: to show that he is winning, or to show that he has the potential to win.  In the early stages, which we are now, a candidate can be viable and still be in single digits in the polls, as long as people think he has potential to move up.  The minute he concedes that he's not going to win, he's lost. And that's just what Rand Paul has reportedly done. In March, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul put his odds of winning the Republican presidential nomination at "one in five, one in six." But on a Thursday night conference call with Republicans who will vote this Saturday on whether to have a presidential caucus next year, Paul adjusted those odds to "one in 10." Perhaps Rand Paul would be a great odds maker in Las Vegas.  As a presidential candidate, however, he leaves much to be desired. He doesn't have much of a record, with his main issues seeming...(Read Full Post)