PETA selling Halloween costume of Cecil the lion mauling dentist

The anti-human group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals became incensed when a company came out with a Halloween costume featuring the dentist who killed Cecil the lion. So, in keeping with their ethos that animals are more important than humans, PETA has created a costume that shows the dentist who killed Cecil with a lion attacking him - complete with blood and claws.

Washington Times:

PETA has responded to outrage over Cecil the Lion Halloween costumes with its own “Cecil’s Revenge” costume that features a bloodied dentist.

Animal activists have condemned several costumes sold by several majorHalloween retailers that glamorize Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who hunted Zimbabwe’s beloved lion and caused a flurry of outrage in July. Costumes typically came with a severed lion’s head mask.

PETA’s $139.99 “Cecil’s Revenge” costume, however, turns the tables on the dentist. It features a dentist’s coat with a “Dr. Palmer” name tag and a plush lion grabbing the dental coat from behind, leaving bloody claw marks.

“Accessorize with a drill, a toothbrush, or a toy crossbow,” the description says.

The costume is a fundraiser for the organization.

“Animals like Cecil are constantly threatened by trophy hunters likeWalter Palmer, who pay someone to track down wildlife and blind them with a spotlight at night so the hunters can press the trigger on their high-powered weapons at close range, then take the animals’ heads home to decorate their own dens,” the description says.

“As animals continue to die in agony at the hands of trophy hunters, it’s only fitting for people to make fun of Palmer for his illegal, violent pursuit,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a press release.

“Nasty little people try to make themselves feel good by killing wild animals who are minding their own business, so we at PETA think it most fitting that people make fun of the dentist for his sick, illegal pursuit by fashioning a hideous Halloween costume after him, as they would after Freddy Krueger or Jason,” Ms. Newkirk told The Huffington Post.

"Making fun" of Palmer by depicting his hideous death at the paws of a super predator? Are they kidding? Talk about "sick," and "nasty little people" - PETA wears those decriptions.

What Palmer did was wrong, but claiming that PETA just wants to have a little "fun" by depicting a lion killing him sounds like someone's sick fantasy. And the fact that they are fundraising off this insult to good taste and human decency, makes it even worse.