Obama's vacation cottage

Fresh from criticizing certain wealthy people – you know who they are – for exercising their democratic (small d) right to criticize the president about the help-Iran-become-a-nuclear-power-deal and soon after announcing his expensive energy-saving initiative which might reduce the world's temperature by less than half a degree, President Obama took off for his vacation on exclusive Martha's Vineyard, off Boston, leaving behind a large carbon footprint.  

After flying on Air Force One and then using even more unclean energy in a helicopter surrounded by several other government helicopters, Obama arrived at his vacation destination's not so simple $12,000,000 cottage – even a mansion, some would say, owned by the wealthy widow of a General Electric executive who exercised the couple’s democratic (small d again) right to buy it.

Again this year, the President and his family will stay in Chilmark, at a home off North Road with sweeping views of Vineyard Sound and the Elizabeth islands. The home, owned by Joanne Hubschman, has seven bedrooms, a pool, workout room, basketball court and tennis court. 

Come inside for a view of all the amenities.

The expansive grounds will certainly shelter him and his entourage from some facts about the life of year-round residents of his liberal vacation paradise.

Though presidential photo-ops don’t show it, the island is actually a place where the wealth gap is starker than almost anywhere else in the United States, year-round residents say, and middle-class hopes and dreams are drifting out of reach. (snip)

The average wage on Martha’s Vineyard is 71 percent of the state average, according to a recent government report on the island’s housing needs. By contrast, rental prices are 17 percent higher and house prices are 54 percent above average.

Enjoy your vacation, Mr. President.  Remember, you didn't build it.