No, Senator Rubio: 'Oppression' is NOT a root cause of jihad

Marco Rubio continues to disappoint. Here’s the latest, as Front Page Magazine reports:

…McCain, Rubio and a bunch of Democrats have authored a letter to Kerry with pro-Brotherhood talking points. Most of it is filler, but the stinger comes at the end.

As we saw during the Arab Spring uprisings, choking off all peaceful and legitimate avenues for dissent coupled with unaccountable institutions fuels violent extremism and increases the likelihood of long-term instability.   As President Obama emphasized at the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit in February, “when people are oppressed, and human rights are denied…when dissent is silenced, it feeds violent extremism.”

That argument was discredited by Obama's Arab Spring which brought Islamists to power leading to the rise of "violent extremism" including that of ISIS.

The talking point about "peaceful and legitimate avenues for dissent" is a dangerous lie when applied to fundamentally totalitarian organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. There are no legitimate avenues for Islamist dissent, just as there are no legitimate avenues for Nazi or Communist dissent.

(Text of full letter, here.)

And so we have a GOP presidential candidate who appears compelled to (1) praise Obama, and (2) peddle a false meme about the root cause of Islamic terror. To say it’s pathetic would be putting it mildly.

Jihadists are not victimized, oppressed people. They are Muslims who are sticklers for following the teachings of the Koran. It’s not complicated. It’s not a mystery. Let’s stop acting like it is.

Anyone running for president who lacks even the most basic grasp of what we’re dealing with has no business running. We are facing a grave security threat – from within and without – regarding the threat of Islamic terror and creeping Sharia, whether from infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood to the proliferation of mosques to Muslim refugee resettlement to acts of jihad against Americans. To a nuclear Iran.

So I would say to Marco Rubio, get on board or get out of the way. Because we haven’t the time for this nonsense.

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