Loretta Lynch's Black Panther Moment

Have we come to expect this now, of our United States Attorney Generals?

The image is still emblazoned on my mind: those Black Panthers with billy clubs and paramilitary outfits confronting voters at a voting station.  Video, proof, and no action from then Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Now we have Loretta Lynch, a family friend of Eric Holder and his wife, and also a person who received her big career break from Bill Clinton.

Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress, who sued states that attempted to enforce purposely unenforced federal law, never provided all Fast and Furious documents requested, and hid behind heavily redacted papers as well as Presidential “executive privilege,” bent downward the justice curve of the office of Attorney General.

Loretta Lynch seems to be of the same ilk.  Presented by inspector generals with stark and clear evidence of classified documents on the private server of Mrs. Clinton, the silence from AG Lynch’s office is deafening.  Add in the discovery of a cover up at the IRS and the, as yet, non-action by Lynch, and we begin to wonder if there is a serious flaw in our three branch system.

Eric Holder’s confrontation of Congress in the Fast and Furious case and his suggested link to IRS activities against conservative groups bump up against personal allegiances between Loretta and Eric.  Cynicism wins out here.  There are no checks and balances functioning in the Judicial Branch, in which the Attorney General’s post resides, if political and personal allegiances exist that surmount the duties of the office. 

Loretta’s personal friendship with the Holders most assuredly will result in a protracted nothingness regarding his antics as AG.  Now we have Loretta asked to pursue the cold hard facts of Hillary Clinton’s curious and apparently illegal approach to the classified information of the State Department. Loretta is most likely being emphatically reminded of her big career break from Hillary’s husband back in 1999. It was in that year that she was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

There is still time for AG Lynch to distinguish herself from her predecessor.  But the similarities and allegiances she seems to carry appear very familiar to those of Mr. Holder. Obama is more likely to order the immediate execution of Nadal Hassan before Loretta tackles either the IRS facts or the Hillary server issues.  Running out the clock is now the game.

It seems selective enforcement of the law now comes with the office, ala the Black Panther polling incident. Another flaw in our system is exploited by those who look for such opportunities.  There appears to be a sad consistency with appointments from this president. What we may be in the process of witnessing, yet again, is a breaking of the oath of office, insolence for the office, and a predictable disrespect for the country itself.

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