Looking for a Democrat to stand up to Planned Parenthood

Back in 1998, Senator Joe Lieberman spoke in the U.S. Senate and called out President Clinton's behavior.  He did not vote to convict President Clinton a few months later, but he expressed his concerns with Oval Office behavior.  

Will some Democrat do the same today?  Or is the party in the tank for Planned Parenthood?   

Where is President Obama or Secretary Clinton?  

According to news reports, the Obama White House is attacking the people who made the videos:

The White House called a string of videos depicting the process of tissue and organ harvesting from aborted fetuses the work of 'extremists' today and charged that there's no evidence that Planned Parenthood has broken any laws.

President Barack Obama's spokesman, Josh Earnest, told Daily Mail Online he did not know whether the president had seen any of the controversial videos, including a new one, released online this morning, but the president is aware of them and still believes the group is worthy of federal funding.

Earnest accused the group's critics of attempting to play politics 'with some selectively edited videos' and gave and reiterated the White House's opinion that the videos, produced by a pro-life group going by the name Center for Medical Progress, are not accurate representations of the conversations that took place. 

Sorry, but this is sad, really sad. 

First, the videos were edited for TV, but a full version is available in the website. 

Second, are Democrats comfortable with what they saw?  Talking about baby parts over salad and wine? 

The Democrats need to be very careful, because the abortion issue is a problem with Hispanics, according to a new poll:

A survey by Public Religion Research Institute was released last Friday that shows how Hispanic millennials are far more pro-life than their white counterparts. “How Race and Religion Shape Millennial Attitudes on Sexuality and Reproductive Health” reported that 54% of Hispanic millennials responded that they believed abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, compared to 45% who believe it should be legal.

That poll was taken before these videos were released. 

It would be wise for a Democrat to call out Planned Parenthood.  Say that such activities are perhaps illegal.  Maybe even call it barbaric!   

It is sad if we've reached the point where the Democrats are the party of abortion, including baby parts after 12 weeks!  

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