Killing happy women

It appears that both Kate Steinle and Alison Parker were selected for death for being joyful, lovely American women living blessed lives.  At the time of her murder, Kate Steinle’s brother said he believed that Francisco Sanchez chose Kate because she was so happy.  Friends and family are describing Alison Parker, who was killed yesterday by a "gay" black man named Vester Flanagan, as overjoyed to be living her dream.  Kate Steinle and Alison Parker were not killed by guns.  They were killed by goaded men.

When Donald Trump asked Jorge Ramos if he would deport the worst, murderous illegals, Ramos was mute.  Among Ramos, La Raza, and the pro-invasion left, the message is sent that illegals are entitled to steal the happiness they see in America.  They don't have to earn it; they don't have to wait in line; just rip it off.  When venerated leaders like Ramos tell jealous and uneducated people they have the right to steal, can the right to rape and murder be far behind?

Obama is the greatest goader-in-chief in history.  He has worked at making black and "gay" people believe themselves to be victimized and aggrieved almost as hard as at his golf game.  There are innumerable instances of heightened concern for black and homosexual crime victims and indifference, sometimes seemingly intentionally callous, for the families of white Americans and Christians who are killed.  If a non-white person murders a white, as in these two deaths, the only response of the Obama administration pertains to gun control.

Throughout his life, Vester Flanagan was used by the left, who told him he was a victim because of his race and sexuality.  Furthermore, he was not fully responsible for his own circumstances because of racism and homophobia.  Of course his misguided mind turned against white people who succeeded where he had failed.

Nor will the feminists who are leftist first and foremost express outrage over the lives of two beautiful young women snuffed out because those women were happy.