Jorge Ramos deported from Trump news conference for undocumented question

A tale of three men: Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump all have one thing in common.  They have all spoken to Jorge Ramos.  Jeb was the most apologetic and low-key, even speaking in Spanish to his Hispanic brethren.  Ted Cruz was low-key too; he never raised his voice, and yet, time and time again, he challenged the premises of Ramos's leading questions and took the argument back to him.

And then there is Donald Trump.  When Ramos crashed Trump's press conference and started asking questions without being called on, Trump, after repeatedly asking him to sit down, had him removed from the press conference.  This, in short, is the parable of illegal immigration.  Illegals swarm into the country and feel they are entitled to "rights."  And because of a silent conspiracy between Democrats who want votes and Chamber of Commerce Republicans who want cheap labor, they get those rights – medical care, schooling, driver's licenses, and eventually citizenship.

But Trump shut Ramos down.  After Ramos was deported from the press conference, he re-entered through the porous room entrances.  This time, Trump engaged in a back-and-forth with him for several minutes, but it was Trump who managed the conversation.  He didn't accept the liberal talking points that the 14th Amendment requires citizenship for anchor babies (and not just the Asian ones – the Hispanic ones, too!).  Trump put Ramos in his place, saying that while "television scholars" agree with Ramos, legal scholars agree with Trump.

Trump framed it brilliantly, too: "If an illegal comes across for just one day and has a baby, that baby will be an American citizen."  He said that this is ridiculous.

He even questioned Ramos, asking Ramos if he would deport illegal alien gang members.  Ramos, tongue-tied, couldn't answer the question.

This is the kind of candidate we need: one who can not only clearly show that the arguments of the amnesty crowd are unreasonable, but also put the crowd on the defensive.  I still have my own doubts about Donald Trump, but whoever gets nominated, we need a candidate like him who can challenge the liberal talking points that illegals are virtuous and entitled to automatic citizenship.  (So I guess we are talking about Trump or Ted Cruz, right?)

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