'Jihad Love Song' has Islamist apologists swooning

A Jewish rapper known as "DJ Squeak E. Clean" has decided that most of us simply don't understand Islam's concept of jihad. Accordingly, he has accessed his creative juices and written a paeon to Islam, calling it "Jihad Love Squad." 

Oh yeah...he went there.

Daily Beast:

What is particularly compelling about Spiegel is that he doesn’t have any skin in the game. He isn’t Muslim; he was born Jewish and is very secular. But as he explained, he felt the need to do something to “change the story that the media and certain politicians have been telling us about Islam,” adding, “I think the U.S. media has tendency to be Islamophobic and paint Muslims in a one dimensional, negative light.”

This guy apparently doesn't get out much - or read the daily news. If he did, he'd know the idea that the press is promoting "Islamophobia" is outrageously stupid and that the truth is 180 degrees opposite.

So why start with trying to redefine the word jihad? Spiegel shared a story about a Muslim friend who before 9/11 wore a ring that featured the word “jihad” on it. But after that tragic day, his friend removed the ring for a fear of a backlash.

It appears that experience had been percolating with Spiegel because it is with this word that he has taken his stand.  “Jihad is a word that’s really been hijacked and stigmatized by extremists,” Spiegel explained.

Right. As if Muslim haters walked around New York city after 9/11 examining everyone's rings for signs of their Islamic faith. We see that kind of paranoia with CAIR, who scream "Islamophobia" if someone stares at a woman in a head scarf.

So far Spiegel says that the response to the video (except for his former manager) has been positive. “Not even one negative comment on YouTube yet, which is a shocker!,” he remarked to me on Saturday.  But the song has only been out for a few days, so the better known it gets, the more likely we will see the anti-Muslim bigots descend upon it. There’s simply no escaping that, as I can attest to first hand.

Spiegel, along with his band mate DJ Zegnon in N.A.S.A. and KRS-One’s jihad to redefine the word “jihad” is truly inspiring.  Here’s hoping that good wins out over evil in this struggle.

I think most Muslims know exactly what jihad means and I think many of them also know what they want the rest of us to think it means. The fact that millions of Muslims see jihad as meaning "holy war" is significant because the extremists know exactly how Muslims view the word and take great pains to justify their violence by invoking it. 

The only way to convince us that jihad means what Mr. E. Clean says it means is if Muslims the world over reject the violence unequivocally and embrace the word jihad as a personal quest to overcome their own shortcomings. But please don't try to snow us with the idea that the use of the word "jihad" in the context of committing violence against non-believers is a figament of Islamophobe's imagination.

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