Huma is starting to look like the fall-girl for Hillary

When the New York Times headline writers roll out the “Republicans seize on…” code, you know that a Democrat is in real trouble.  This morning, the comforting gauze of “it’s all just politics” is being used to soften the message to Democrat readers that Mrs. Anthony Weiner, also known as Huma Abedin, also know as former editor of a Muslim Brotherhood publication, is being nominated to take the fall for Hillary Clinton in the national security scandal metastasizing around Hillary’s presidential campaign.

The article by three first-string reporters – Maggie Haberman, Amy Chozick, and Steve Eder – titled “Huma Abedin, a Clinton Aide, Is Back in Spotlight as Republicans Seize on Emails,” presents a mix of positive (charges that Huma lobbied for an official appointment of a consulting client are probably false) and negative (she was collecting a government salary while working for that politically connected consulting company), but it is in the beginning and end of the article that we get the real message.

In the beginning, we get the message that Huma and Hillary are really, really (wink) close friends:

Among the trove of emails released from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state was this instruction to a trusted aide who needed to brief her on a matter that could not wait:

“Just knock on the door to the bedroom if it’s closed,” Mrs. Clinton wrote in November 2009 to Huma Abedin, then her deputy chief of staff.

Just knock on the closed bedroom door, eh?

And at the end, readers are advised:

Marc Lasry, a Clinton donor and friend who attended Ms. Abedin’s wedding, called her “as loyal as they come.”

“She loves Hillary. She would die for Hillary,” Mr. Lasry said. “Really, what she’s always looking at is, ‘What’s in the best interest of Hillary?’ ”

Mr. Lasry said he had expected Ms. Abedin to reduce her workload in the past few years. Instead, she has maintained a breakneck pace.

“Her life,” he said, “is Hillary.”

Huma is the designated martyr.