Hillary in deep email scandal denial: 'It's not anything that people talk to me about as I travel around the country'

The candidate renowned for hand-picking the people with whom she speaks and roping off the press corps is now claiming that nobody is interested in her deepening email scandal because “It's not anything that people talk to me about as I travel around the country.”

Appearing at the Iowa State Fair, the once-presumptive Democrat nominee continued to airily dismiss her scandals. As CBS News (not CNS, or Fox, or any other conservative outlet reports:

"The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified," Clinton told reporters Saturday while on a visit to the Iowa State Fair. "This is not about me -- they have also confirmed that."

Rather, the former secretary of state said that the classification of her emails was an interagency problem that had little to do with her.

"I think there are disputes going on among agencies about what shoulda, coulda, woulda been done back four years, five, six years ago," Clinton said. "That is something for them to work out."

She stuck to her usual refrain, saying she was simply "repeating the facts" and "the facts are I did not send nor did I receive material marked classified."

The presidential hopeful added that the "partisan-ization" of her private email server use wasn't an issue that Iowans -- or any voters she's met with -- cared about.

"It's not anything that people talk to me about as I travel around the country," Clinton said. "It is never raised in my town halls. It is never raised in my other meetings with people."

Not that it matters to Hillary (for now), but a kind of consensus is beginning to form on the right that she is toast. Most conservatives, including me, relish the thought of running against her, but Michael Goodwin of the New York Post writes:

The Clintons aren’t kids anymore, but if they’ve got a comeback strategy for her, they better use it fast. Her doomsday clock is ticking.

Hardly a day goes by without more developments in her e-mail scandal and the damage is reaching red-alert levels. The words “criminal probe” that she fought so hard against when The New York Times broke the investigation story are now routine, as are mentions of the FBI and the “home brew” server at the center of it all.

Goodwin identifies three problems, any one of which could be fatal:

The first problem is the Obama White House. It can tell the Justice Department to back off, or play it straight with the probe of how she handled classified information. The president can deliver a message of support for her, or help push Vice President Joe Biden into the race against her. He can unleash Valerie Jarrett, or muzzle her.

In any event, there is little or nothing Clinton can do. The choice is Obama’s.

Hillary’s second problem is the media. There’s a small sob-sister cohort trying to protect her, but mostly there’s a feeding frenzy and leaks from various government agencies are showing up in reports across the country.

Clinton’s sense of entitlement, reflected in the decision to use a private server and delete e-mails of her choosing, along with her frosty relationships with the intelligence community, are coming back to haunt her. Again, she’s got little power to stop the death by a thousand cuts.

Her third problem is character. That 1992 interview where she lied to protect her husband was one of many where she demonstrated a willingness to say whatever was politically expedient. The habit has become so ingrained that she appears addicted to deceit.

Polls showing that about 60 percent of Americans, and even more in some swing states, find her dishonest and untrustworthy mean she has a mountain to climb to get to the Oval Office. It’s hard to figure out how she gets people to vote for her who’ve already ­decided they don’t trust her.

After enduring this insufferable woman in my face for almlst a quarter of a century, I want her decline to be slow, painful, and devastating. Please, Hillary, hang in there, continuing to pretend that your problems are a right wing conspiracy, lie and change your story, and for heaven's sake, don't quit.

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