Gay crime and the media

The legacy media has twisted itself through several dimensions in in its effort to hide the fact that murderer Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams was gay.

This is typical of the media response to violent crimes by homosexuals in recent years.  Recall the case of gay activist Floyd Lee Conkins, who attempted to carry out a massacre at the Family Research Council’s Washington offices in August 2012.  Conkins was lugging a backpack filled with Chick-fil-A sandwiches that he hoped to rub in the faces of his victims after he shot them.  He was stopped by a heroic security guard, who brought him down even though wounded by Conkins’s gun.

That story slipped off the screen so fast it left behind sonic booms.  And when Conkins was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in September 2013, it was covered – if at all – on page sixty, beneath the classifieds.

Even more egregious was the case of Davis Don Carpenter and Joshua Macabe Brown, a homosexual couple who in September 1999 literally raped to death 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising.  In that epoch of Matthew Shepard, who was murdered by his male lover over a meth deal gone sour sacrificed by testosterone-crazed straight male homophobes, no diversions from the narrative were allowed.

Gay rights advocates are operating by the book.  Nearly a century ago, H.L. Mencken pointed out that American political theater requires angels and devils.  The villains must be absolutely irredeemable, the hero-victims without stain or reproach.  So in the wake of the civil rights era, black crime was explained away as a product of white racism.  We heard the “root causes” argument, the “statistical anomaly” argument, the cop-as-klansman argument, all of it intended to hide the fact that the black underclass was out of control.  This imposture has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and has not yet come to a head.

Homosexuals are not prone to public violence (domestic violence is another story), so we need not fear a gay version of the anarchy that even now roils American cities.  But gays need to take a lesson from this example – attempting to hide violent crime has gained blacks nothing and will cost them dearly into the hazy future.  It’s a loser’s game.  Gays are no more the army of the saints than American blacks are, and claiming otherwise will not fool anyone.  Best to face up to the failings and drawbacks of yourselves and your movement.

Hey – when do we ban the rainbow flag?