Former Saddam officers form the core of a rampant ISIS horde

If there was ever any reasonable doubt about the morality of removing Saddam Hussein in 2003, it should have vanished with the revelation, last week, that between 100 and 160 former Baathist military and security officials of the Iraqi regime hold high-level positions in the ISIS terror-state metastasizing in Iraq and Syria. "It's clear that some of these (Saddam-era officers) must have been inside the core of the jihadist movement in the Sunni triangle from the beginning," said Michael W.S. Ryan, a former senior officer at the State Department and Pentagon.   Saddam regime veterans also serve as the "governors" for seven of the 12 "provinces" set up by the Islamic State group in the territory it holds in Iraq.  As ISIS morphed from a terrorist organization to an oil-pumping proto-state last year, the former regime officers of Iraq turned out to be crucial in giving this villainous horde the battlefield experience, complete with...(Read Full Post)