Feminist techies use 'am I hot or not' strategy to shame Silicon Valley

There used to be a popular website called "Hot or Not" where people would post pictures of women (or women would post photos of themselves) and get other people to rate their photos to determine if they were "hot"...or not.

Feminist programmers have picked up on a version of this idea, posting photos of themselves under the hashtag  #Ilooklikeanengineer.  The idea is that the evil, man-controlled tech world is not comfortable seeing women as programmers, so by posting photos of themselves, the feministas shame the evil corporate male beasts.

Here's a cutie named Isis who obviously has a man-hating complex.  She's perpetuating the fiction that men are surprised or offended to see women as programmers.

“I think the message went viral because it’s not just my message,” Wenger wrote in response to questions from the Post. That’s why she made sure the hashtag was so all-encompassing. “It addresses a problem that many people of different genders and ethnic backgrounds face.”

“… Especially when I was first starting out in the industry, people were very condescending. There’s no way I could have really been an engineer right? They had pretty low expectations of me.”

Sorry, I don't believe that other engineers told Isis that there is no way she could be an engineer.

Soon there were #Ilooklikeanengineer tweets from women all over the world (and a few men) (and other creatures), tired of surprised looks when they meet a client for the first time, or arrive at an interview.

What is a surprised look?  That's it?  That's the big problem – a surprised look?  It's all in their heads!  These women have been brainwashed to believe there's a "war on women."  The fact is that tech companies are desperate to hire female programmers.  They simply don't apply in numbers that men do, because they're not as interested.  Why is this a male conspiracy?

I notice there is no similar movement to increase the number of male yoga instructors or male nurses or male kindergarten teachers.  Why is the programmer gender imbalance a problem but not these fields?

The fact is, in America, you can do whatever you want if you have the skills – and, sometimes, even if you don't have the skills, if you are of the right ethnic group or gender.

These female programmers must have big chips on their shoulders and are probably difficult to work with.  

Exit question: What hashtag would you assign these crybabies?

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