Excuses progressives will offer if terrorists use Iranian nuclear weapons against us

 - It’s Bush’s fault, since Iraq would have kept Iran in check had Bush not invaded them for their oil.

 - Republican policies after Obama left office turned Iran against us.

 - America showed too much support for Israel and needs a more balanced Middle East policy

 - We failed in our outreach to Muslims around the world

 - There is no way to determine for certain who was responsible, although we do know that Israel has the most to gain if Americans conclude that Iran was behind the attack.

 - Iran was not directly responsible. Terrorists stole the weapons from Iran, but they could have just as easily been stolen from Pakistan, India, Israel, or any other country that had nuclear weapons before the Iranian nuclear agreement.

 - If Republicans had not cut the [rate of increase of] funding of the Department of Homeland Security (or else the IRS, DOJ, DOE, EPA, FBI, CIA, NSA …) we would have been able to track and stop the terrorists.

 - If America had taken the lead and destroyed its stockpile of nuclear weapons, the other nations of the world would have followed. There would have been no nuclear weapons for terrorists or for anyone else.

 - America’s chickens have come home to roost.

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