Donald Trump supports legal residency for 'good' illegal aliens

Donald Trump seems toughest on illegal immigration because he is most outspoken on the perils of it.  But on policy issues, he is far from the most conservative candidate on this issue.  In fact, he supports amnesty for some illegal aliens:

When CNN's Dana Bash asked Mr. Trump last month whether he favored a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, he gave a more flexible answer than you might expect, given his comments about Mexican rapists. "Right now, no," he said, but also, "we'll see, later, down the line, who knows what's going to happen." For now, he wants an "expedited" way to offer legal residency (but not citizenship) to the subset of unauthorized immigrants he considers "the good ones.

No amnesty for now, but "we'll see later, who knows what will happen"?  And for now, he wants expedited legal residency for "the good ones"?  How many millions would that be?

These comments, which were given last month, were not widely reported.  They show that on amnesty, there is little difference between Trump and Jeb Bush.  The only difference I can see is that Trump is more outspoken about "the bad ones."  Can you vote for a candidate who, on amnesty, says, "Who knows what will happen?"

Furthermore, the Times, in a rare piece of excellent reporting, shows that Trump is liberal on a wide range of issues:

For example, he's not a priori opposed to single-payer health care. "It works in Canada," he said at the first Republican presidential debate on Aug. 6. "It works incredibly well in Scotland." Even in the United States, "it could have worked in a different age," but it wouldn't work very well right now, he said. So instead, he'd replace Obamacare with "something terrific," which would take care of people who can't afford health insurance.

He likes single-payer and will replace Obamacare with "something terrific"?

The main way Mr. Trump stands out from the field on economic policy is leftward: While most Republicans favor free trade, Mr. Trump has called for much higher tariffs on imported goods to protect American industries from competition. He has also criticized his opponents for proposing cuts in Social SecurityMedicare andMedicaid. "I'm gonna make us so rich you don't have to do those things," Mr. Trump said in April.

What does "make us so rich" mean?  Are we going to grow our way out of the deficit?  That sounds just like kicking the can down the road, as politicians do to keep spending like bandits.  This doesn't sound like a candidate who will make the needed cuts in bloated spending.

Trump trumpets  the fact that he is "flexible."  I don't think that's a good quality for someone who doesn't have bedrock economic and political principles.  You can be flexible on tactics, but you shouldn't be flexible on beliefs.  And Trump seems to be very flexible on beliefs.

I love how Trump has made illegal immigration a non-taboo subject once again.  But as a president, it is quite clear he would support some form of amnesty and would continue the current big spending policies of Remocrats and Depublicans.

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