Clinton goes left again with her new Cuba policy

Mrs. Clinton called for an end to the U.S. embargo yesterday.   

Some will say that she is supporting President Obama's foreign policy.  However, this has more to do with the American left than anything else.  Mrs. Clinton is desperately trying to go left, or sadly where the Democratic Party is.

Lifting the embargo will not do a darned thing to help the people stuck in the Castro regime.   

I agree with The Miami Herald:

Despite months of talks between the two countries that began in December with President Obama’s announcement that relations would be normalized, we have yet to see any significant actions by the Castro regime that will benefit the United States or enhance the civil liberties and freedoms of the Cuban people.

Internally, the regime maintains the same repressive attitude that has allowed it to stay in power for decades. 

That includes harassment of peaceful groups like the famed Ladies in White for a series of successive Sundays, when they engage in peaceful marches. The daily arrests, acts of repudiation and censorship of any person or group that questions the official line are still in place.

Financially, Cuba has much to gain from the lifting of the embargo. Venezuela, which has been helping prop up Cuba’s chronically weak economy, is running low on cash. 

The Castros needed another lifeline.

If little has changed if and when Mrs. Clinton reaches the White House, she should wait before restoring full trade relations with Cuba. The embargo may be a relic of the past. 

But so, too, is Cuba’s government.

Sadly, Mrs. Clinton has joined the ranks of those among the American left who think that you can end dictatorships by giving them a lifeline.  Or that you can free people by allowing U.S. companies to build beach hotels that most Cubans will not go to.  Or that you can create prosperity in Cuba by doing business with state enterprises ultimately owned by the Castro family, the infamous Castro Inc. that we've discussed in previous posts.

Mrs. Clinton was once a strong supporter of the embargo and a tough approach toward the Castro regime.  It is a shame to see her running to the left so rapidly and irresponsibly.

She could have said this:

Lift the embargo after the Cuban government releases political prisoners and stops harassing independent journalists, settles with U.S. citizens who had their property stolen, returns Joanne Chesimard to meet justice in the U.S. for the killing of a New Jersey state trooper, and allows access to the internet for dissidents and all Cubans, as well as when the Castro regime stops harboring fugitives from U.S. law and other countries.  

Mrs. Clinton is throwing Cuban dissidents under the bus by strengthening, not weakening the corrupt Castro regime.  Maybe they are applauding at the college lounges, but not in Cuba, especially in the political prisons.

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