Class action lawsuit filed against IRS for data breach

Back in January 2014, it seemed likely that the Internal Revenue Service's "Get Transcript" program would facilitate the depredations of identity thieves against the IRS.  Sixteen months later, some sophisticated hackers bore out concerned parties' fears when they did in fact hack the IRS's database, forcing the IRS to suspend its "Get Transcript" program. A class action lawsuit captioned Welborn v. IRS has now been filed against the IRS on behalf of all individuals whose personal information was compromised in the data breach (latest estimates fix their number to be approximately 330,000).  There are some notable aspects to the case. First, that 330,000 figure is taxpayer accounts.  If the tax filing status was Married Filing Jointly, then there are two individuals on the account.  And even for married people who file separate tax returns, a spouse of a taxpayer whose information was compromised in the data breach cannot...(Read Full Post)