Christie Gets Grilled by Greta: Acquits Himself Well

Thursday on "On the Record" (7 p.m. ET on Fox News), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got grilled by Greta van Susteren and together they showed how it’s done. Do yourself a favor and watch the video: “Christie: Clinton hasn't told truth, hasn't been transparent.” Even if Gov. Christie isn’t your man, I think you’ll get a lot out of this interview.

Greta always does a terrific job playing Devil’s Advocate, and the governor is game. The segment starts with a back-and-forth on Mrs. Clinton’s email/server problems. They then veer into Christie’s dustups with Sen. Rand Paul over privacy issues. Then it’s on to gridlock in Congress and Christie is compelling talking about the necessity for building relationships. No interview of a Republican candidate can be complete without touching on taxes, which is the next topic. Christie signed the pledge to not raise taxes, and his downsizing of New Jersey government shows true conservatism.

If you’re a true-blue conservative you’ll find lots of red meat in the interview. Christie appears quite presidential to this viewer; he deserves a second look. Also, he delves into subjects other candidates seem afraid of, like the “birthright citizenship” conferred by the Fourteenth Amendment. (He recently touched the third rail: entitlement reform.)

The second part of the interview is a stroll down the boardwalk, where the issues are further discussed. Watch it, too; it’s more relaxed. If Mr. Christie is not our next president, then he should be our next attorney general.

Jon N. Hall is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City. 

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