Bravo puts a disguised man on Real Housewives

Bravo is reportedly putting a man disguised as a woman on the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  This is not meant to be comedy, like a Mrs. Doubtfire subplot; this is meant to be serious, treating a man in drag as a woman.

Bravo has cast transgender model Amiyah Scott in "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" for its upcoming eighth season, Variety has learned.

"Transgender model" is a poor choice of words.  The only thing Scott is a model for is delusion.  But instead he is going to be used as a "model" to show everyone how happy men like Scott are acting like women.

Thirty years ago, broadcasters were afraid of controversy for fear that it would drive viewers away.  But now television has taken on a new role as an opinion leader, steering the public to accept new and dangerous lifestyles that would have been totally unacceptable even a few years ago.

How have they managed to do this?  Basically, because we let them.

Just as people have been cowed into silence when it comes to talking about the tremendous health risks of homosexuality, the media now calls anyone who opposes transvestitism a bigot.  Republicans, who used to be defenders of moral values, have suddenly fallen silent.  I don't know a single candidate who has spoken out on this travesty that calls itself "transgenderism."

Look at Donald Trump.  He has reclaimed our right to call illegal aliens illegal aliens.  He called them "illegals," the media tried to cow him into apologizing, he refused, his poll numbers didn't tank, and guess what!  For the first time in years, other candidates are starting to call them illegals again.

We need the same thing with this transgenderism travesty.  I want a candidate who will speak out about this purposeful attempt to subvert our culture.  I want a candidate who will say, "Shame on Bravo for trying to teach kids that men can become women.  They can't, but their efforts lead to unhappy lives and higher rates of suicide."  In short, let's get a candidate who will shame them.

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