Big surprise: 'Yes means yes' policies not quite working out as planned

It's been about a year since California governor Jerry Brown signed into law the ludicrous "yes means yes" policy for sexual consent on college campuses.  And, as opponents predicted, the policy not only isn't working as planned, but is being successfully challenged in court by male students unable to prove they received "consent" from the female – even though that turns on its head the standard of the accused being innocent until proved guilty. Washington Examiner: One recent ruling, limited in scope but broad in its potential ramifications, addressed the yes-means-yes policies head-on. Judge Carol McCoy addressed two of the biggest concerns shared by opponents of yes-means-yes — the burden of proof being shifted onto the accused, and the nearly impossible task of proving such consent was obtained. McCoy overturned a University of Tennessee-Chattanooga ruling that a student accused of sexual assault failed to...(Read Full Post)