A simple question for all the amnesty proponents

There is a litany of GOP candidates who have put themselves in the warm and fuzzy imagery of allowing illegals to remain in the United States.  Former congressman Joe Walsh, now a conservative radio host, has made an astute observation.  Mr. Walsh declares that both parties, Democrat and Republican, desire illegal immigration.

The reasoning is thus.  Democrats desire the votes that come with the shift in demographics.  Republicans desire the cheap labor.  The Democrat reasoning is not new, nor does it warrant much debate.  The voting trends are clear.  However, the reasoning for the Republicans is grounded in some assumed Chamber of Commerce big-business desires for continued labor cost stagnation.

Both positions seem plausible.  Yet the great unasked and unanswered question for all those who suggest some amnesty and pathway to citizenship is this.  Because there must be a sign-up requirement for any amnesty program participants:

What is to be done with those who will not sign up?  When the sign-up period is over, when the grace period is lapsed, what then with those illegals?

There will be those who avoid detection and desire to remain under the radar.  Deportation, then, for those who broke immigration law and also snub amnesty, or more accommodation and deep understanding?

This question must be asked of any candidate for president.  It is real and substantive.  Likely the answer will reveal a deeper desire.  For to merely allow all to remain with or without conditions and responsibilities, or contingent on any required action by the illegals, would be no program at all. 

In the answer to the question will be the window into where that candidate truly stands.

It must be asked.  Mr. Walsh’s observations might be dead on.

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