A review of the inconsistencies of the major GOP candidates

On Mark Levin's show on Friday he asked the question, "What is the process of the Republican primary process?"

My answer is to vet the candidates. That's why for the past six months I've been writing whatever I can get my hands on regarding what the candidates have said or done. Not gossip, not rumors, but their own actual words, their own actual votes.

Some readers haven't been happy with that, but I see my mission as to get the information out there and let you decide. Some voters may not care that Carly Fiorina effusively praised Islam right after 9/11, or sided with Speaker Boehner against Ted Cruz on the issue of cutting spending. Others may poo-poo Marco Rubio's support for Obamatrade, the Iran deal legislation, and amnesty, given how attractive he is on TV.

I've talked about Donald Trump's extensive history of leftism. I've written at length about Rand Paul's alliance with Mitch McConnell and his solicitation of donations from drug dealers and his desire to release criminals from jail and hide their criminal records. I tried exposing Ted Cruz's inconsistencies, but it's really difficult to find any; the best I've been able to find is that he voted wrong on the Iran treaty legislation. Some of you note that I write less frequently about Jeb Bush and that's true, because not much needs to be written. He is so open about his many liberal positions, most notably Common Core and support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

But I've written a lot about Scott Walker, reporting how he has supported using taxpayer money to benefit a major campaign donor, and how he has changed his positions on amnesty, gay rights, ethanol, spending, abortion, and right to work laws. Some of you think I've been especially tough on him.

But I only write about inconsistencies that I see reported in the media. And the fact is that I see a lot more of these kind of factual stories reported about someone like Scott Walker than say, Ted Cruz. If these factual stories were not written, I in turn would have nothing to comment on.

Let's get back to Mark Levin's question, what is the purpose of the Republican primary? Some of you think it's unseemly to "tear down" candidates, feeling that does the job of Democrats for them. But I say we have to find out as much as we possibly can about these candidates, or as Mark Levin says to know "what they belive and what they stand for."

So it's your choice to read my articles and decide for yourself whether the information I am revealing is important or trivial. But I feel it is important to bring all this information to the forefront so all of you can make the best informed choices, and I will continue to do so regardless of which candidates are involved.

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